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I make stand out content THAT engages with your audience.

I don’t ‘make films’, I help brands authentically connect to their audience.

I understand the “why” behind making content to tell a story and influence consumer behaviour.  I’m Chris, a Content Creator (Producer) who makes stand out content, and I do this for some of biggest brands and agencies around the world.


In short, I don’t make ‘skippable’ content. I work in partnership with brands and agencies. I work as an extension of your team or can handle entire projects from script-to-screen.



there’s a problem. A lot of content is ‘skippable’ - it’s not engaging. why? BECAUSE Brands aren’t investing in the right creative partners.

What creating over 300 pieces of CONTENT for global brands taught me. 

Over the course of a decade, I’ve seen content that you’re dying to share, well knowing it’s an advert and other times you’re hovering over the skip button, waiting for your time to pounce. Every project is unique and should be approached that way, but that’s doesn’t always happen.


The way audiences engage with content has changed and brands need to be adaptive. In true Indiana Jones style, I’ve discovered why some content simply just wins, yet other projects sink…

01 - TEDx talk on advertising, 2018

03 - ava digital advertising awards

02 - campaign magazine mentions

01 - tropfest finalist, 2014

01 - Youtube partner, 2016

01 - drum award